HyperFast Minute | June 24th, 2022

A Minute on Something I’m Learning:

There are so many paths to success as a real estate agent. This week I interviewed 7 different agents on our real estate team for the HyperFast Agent podcast. They all had different backgrounds prior to getting into real estate:  financial services, property management, loan officer, the music industry, car sales and hospitality. What is the common thing these agents with different experiences had? Two things stood out. One is they are dedicated to providing the best possible experience to their clients. And two, they take consistent action. Now it does help to be in an environment (like our team) where you get training and support and in an  environment where you are surrounded by other people dedicated to excellence. BTW, we are hiring. If you are interested in learning more about our real estate team send me a message or go to kerishullcareers.com


A Minute on Something I’m Teaching:

You cannot evaluate interest rates in the absence of inflation. Yes, mortgage rates have gone from 3% to 6%. But what has inflation done? In the beginning of 2020 inflation was around 1.5% (at least the reported number). Now it is 8.6%.  Why is that a big deal? Well when rates were 3% you had to pay back your loan with dollars that are worth 1.5% less. Now you can borrow at 6%, but you get to pay back your loan with dollars that are worth 8.6% less. So the real rates are actually lower now than they were two years ago.


A Minute on Something I’m Excited About:

Our team closed out a couple deals this week and we are sending over $2M back to our investors this month. If you want to get in my next deal and start earning 15% preferred returns click here to book a call with me.


A Picture Worth Looking at for a Minute

Here is a picture of me running around DC.


A Minute Answering One of Your Questions:

This is the part where I answer a question someone has texted me or asked on social media (I answer all Instagram Direct Messages).

Are you still looking for real estate deals?

Yes. I’m actually putting in an offer today on something. I have been more conservative in my underwriting though. On deals I want to sell I am looking for bigger margins and ensuring I have the ability to cash flow it if I switch to a hold. The deals are still out there though.

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