HyperFast Minute | July 1st, 2022

A Minute on Something I’m Learning:

Blue collar jobs might be in more demand nationwide than office jobs. Michael Burry, the guy who called the 2007 real estate crash, just made that prediction. It definitely fits what I have been seeing across several industries and is another indication that the construction industry will continue to have challenges keeping up with building demand.


A Minute on Something I’m Teaching:

The training never stops, unless you want to go backwards. This week I took a two day long range precision shooting course. If you don’t know, I am a hunter, so I am working on extending my maximum effective range for some upcoming fall hunts. It was my second class with this group and I felt like it reinforced everything I learned the first time through. Another one of the students has done it over ten times and says each time he learns something new and gets better. It doesn’t matter if it is work, business or a hobby. If you want to get better you need training and repetition.


A Minute on Something I’m Excited About:

We are halfway through the year and have returned, or are about to return, money to investors on two different deals. In the second half of the year we will do even more and anticipate wrapping up at least 3 more deals! If you want to get in my next deal and start earning 15% preferred returns click here to book a call with me.


A Picture Worth Looking at for a Minute

Here is another picture of me running around DC.


A Minute Answering One of Your Questions:

This is the part where I answer a question someone has texted me or asked on social media (I answer all Instagram Direct Messages).

What’s the best type of real estate to own in a recession?

I like cash flowing real estate that is in the middle range of rents and or prices for the area. I am also very partial to areas that do well in recessions, such as Washington, DC.

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

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