HyperFast Minute | July 8th, 2022

A Minute on Something I’m Learning:

I just started an amazing book written by Don Berry called a Majority of Scoundrels. It is a historic novel on the fur trade industry in the 1820’s. It details the struggles men went through to go west to trap fur animals. It’s been really good at giving me perspective on what hard really is and it’s been a super fun read. Check it out here.


A Minute on Something I’m Teaching:

Marry the house. Date the rate. Yes interest rates are up, but that does not mean it does not make sense to buy a house. Rents are rising. Inflation is high. Rates are going up more potentially. Get a good deal on a house. If rates come back down you can always refinance and you are protected if they go up more….and if home prices go up more.


A Minute on Something I’m Excited About:

My newest short term rental project is going to be cash flow positive in month one and it is in what is typically a lower rent month. I can’t wait to see what it does during peak season.


A Picture Worth Looking at for a Minute

Hope you had a great 4th of July!


A Minute Answering One of Your Questions:

This is the part where I answer a question someone has texted me or asked on social media (I answer all Instagram Direct Messages).

How do I find a deal if I can’t get bank money?

Learn to raise private money. I just interviewed Jay Conner on my podcast. He does 2 to 3 deals a month with private money and teaches other people how to do it. Make sure you tune into the HyperFast Podcast so you don’t miss this and other great episodes.

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