HyperFast Minute | September 16th, 2022


A Minute on Something I’m Learning

I just finished reading “What is EOS?” If you are running a group or team this book provides a great framework for scaling efficiently.

A Minute on Something I’m Teaching

Want to learn about my real estate journey? Check out part one of my three part series with Tim Harris who is the co-host of the largest daily downloaded podcast for real estate agents.

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A Minute on Something I’m Excited About

The last unit at our Alexandria condo project is closing in a few weeks. This was a really fun development to do. If you want to learn more about investing with me and my team and getting our offer of 15% preferred returns click here to book a call with me.

A Picture Worth Looking at for a Minute

As I joined eXp Realty this week I could not help but think of seeing the last Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon and how Big, Box Brick and Mortar Brokerages are on their last legs.


A Minute Answering One of Your Questions

This is the part where I answer a question someone has texted me or asked on social media (I answer all Instagram Direct Messages).

Why the move to exp?

No brokerage has grown as fast in the history of real estate. They are the only true disruptor in an industry that is slow to change and with their platform agents can build their business while being empowered by my coaching. 

If you want a longer read on it check out my blog (19 minute read).

Thanks for tuning in this week!

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