HyperFast Minute | May 6th, 2022

A Minute on Something I’m Learning:

Last week I attended an event for a mastermind group I belong to and heard from some amazing speakers. One of the speakers there was Joe De Sena, the founder of the popular Spartan Race series. His message was focussed on the importance of doing challenging things that make you uncomfortable. Spartan is not just about running around and jumping over, or under, a bunch of obstacles. It’s about training yourself to get out of your comfort zone, which I believe is the biggest indicator of success. It was amazing to hear that message from him.

A Minute on Something I’m Teaching:

Print marketing still works. On episode 355 of the HyperFast Agent Podcast I sat down with Luke Acree, the President of ReminderMedia, to discuss how to get more business from your database with print marketing and how to combine it with digital marketing. Click here to listen in.

A Minute on Something I’m Excited About:

Next week Keri and I are hosting a mastermind in Arlington with several top real estate team leaders from around the country! We love teaching the members in our program and learning from them too! It’s amazing what you learn when you surround yourself with great people. This doesn’t just apply to real estate. If you have a big goal or just want to change your life, start hanging around people that are already doing what you are striving to do.

A Picture Worth Looking at for a Minute

Here’s a picture of me on a plane from DC. It was great to fly again the way we always used to.

A Minute Answering One of Your Questions:

This is the part where I answer a question someone has texted me or asked on social media (I answer all Instagram Direct Messages)

“How will higher interest rates affect the market?” 

I got this question from an Instagram DM and a lot of people are thinking about it. Most buyers working with agents on our team have not adjusted their budgets, but I can see how it could scare new buyers out of the market. I think it will also reduce inventory at the same time as there will be less move up buyers who put their existing home on the market. As long as the supply chain continues to put pressure on new home builds I don’t see a ton of lower prices coming. I do see less transactions happening as well as a slow down in price increases.

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